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  1. Sulfur (Farro and Sulfur, #2) by Arreana
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  3. Do ancient types of wheat have health benefits compared with modern bread wheat?

I try to use always organic flours and starches, and I have checked with the manufacturers that their final products are free of the allergens I need to avoid. There are differences with different brands, so it is important that you do some own research as well, since in different countries the regulations can be different, and for instance sulfites used in processing the raw ingredients are not often labeled. Then you should always remember that the products which are safe for me might not be safe for you.

Nuts can contain high levels of various molds and mycotoxins, hence I prefer to grind my own nut flours from organic raw nuts. It is also a good idea to soak the nuts prior using them at least for hours. I also use many nut- and seed- butters in my recipes, like cashew-, macadamia-, sunflower-butters sunflower seeds as seeds also for crackers and flatbreads , tahini from sesame seeds etc.

For some recipes you might need to experiment with added ground flax seeds or chia seeds.

Sulfur (Farro and Sulfur, #2) by Arreana

Gluten free baking with sulfite intolerance might sound difficult but I would say that my diet has never been so varied like it is today even though the food list I need to avoid is still pretty long. Most of the recipes I have created which are gluten- and other allergen free are really simply to make and only a few high quality ingredients are needed. You need less than 5 minutes to mix all the ingredients and minutes to bake the flatbreads.

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Even kids can make them! You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. And then it's on to things like sequels for The Einhjorn and then Umbra. Over Thanksgiving, my husband has landed an amazing job that allows me to finally stay at home and try my crack and full time writing.

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This comes at a time where I'm transitioning from editing one project, to starting another one. The New Year found me publishing one novel and eagerly anticipating the next. I'm ready to go, and so is my coffee maker and cats and multitude of throw blankets. So, yes, I've been busy through the holidays finishing up Umbra, but I'm eager and ready to keep the ball rolling through the new year. And let me tell you, it helps to have this amazingly fun project to encourage me!

I will post again soon to update everyone on my progress. Until then, keep reading and enjoying!

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Labels: Umbra. Just stopping in from wrapping paper mayhem to invite everyone to pick up their free copy of Farro and Sulfur now through December Farro for free! Sulfur for free! To learn how to read either of these books on your computer or e-reader device, click here. In the next week expect to hear from me again concerning the upcoming release of my next novel, Umbra!

Happy Holidays from your biggest fan,. Saturday, October 27, Umbra Completed! So it's taken the better part of half a year, but the first draft of Umbra is finally complete. I'm currently editing it In fact, I've taken a break from editing to write this update , and I'm polishing out those slight scuffs that I've had to ignore for months now.

This book is written from three interlocking perspectives, and as such I have chosen to edit the novel by character rather than by chapter. By working on only one character at a time, I'm keeping the voice consistent, and it's just simply interesting.


After writing it all start to finish with all three protagonists mixed together, it's rewarding to see the story through the eyes of a single protagonist. But anyways, this was mainly to update you, my readers, of what's been going on over here. Good things!

Ideally something in a contemporary setting to refresh myself! I'll keep you posted on progress, and any postings you might hope to see from me in the future! So Fall.

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  8. It's Fall. And in a continuation of my good year, I've kicked off September with bounce in my stride and new horizons to explore. My hubby calls it the 'transitional phase'. We've needed to take time away from our 'true loves' Me: writing. Him: programming. In a nutshell, my husband has landed a job, and I've bowed out of mine. I'll still be working part-time at home, but finally, after several years of struggling to scrape by, I have the opportunity to focus full-time on my writing.

    I haven't had that luxury since I was unemployed back in , and that whole adventure came with it's own set of stressors mainly the unemployed part. Of course, the last couple weeks have been a rollercoaster ride of emotions as we've tried to settle into this new routine. I'm not used to be home so much, and my husband isn't used to waking up so early.

    I'm the sort of person that gets a bit stir-crazy on a daily basis, so I've been spending more time running and bicycling around town.

    Do ancient types of wheat have health benefits compared with modern bread wheat?

    This is, after all, likely my last chance to soak in the last bit of sunshine before fall and winter truly set in. I'm still clicking away at Umbra. Still loving it and hating it and dreading the pain I must cause my characters all the time.

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