Manual Myths and Legends of China

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  1. Chinese Myths and Legends
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Chinese Myths and Legends

More than just a Chinese children's storybook, Chinese Myths and Legends also explores the origins of each tale, as well as its impact on Chinese culture and history, inviting you and the children you love to enjoy the many layers of meaning. The included pronunciation guide, as well as information for further reading, makes this a perfect tool for educators, librarians, and parents.

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The Chinese myth of the meddling monk - Shunan Teng

Your Rating:. Though these legends are numerous, all serve to keep the Chinese Culture and history alive. The following are a few of the interesting myths about the Great Wall of China.

The legend holds that during the Qin Dynasty, the federal officials arrested a peasant by the name of Fan Qiliang, the husband of Meng Jiangnu, and forcefully sent him to build the wall. After many days of unsuccessfully trying to locate her husband, Meng Jiangnu finally reached the Great Wall.

7 Chinese Myths and Legends

Unfortunately, by the time she got to where her husband worked, she discovered that he was no more. The demise of Fan Qiliang distressed her greatly, and she wept bitterly. Her wailing was so loud that it caused some parts of the great Wall to collapse.

The tale is about a proficient arithmetician during the Ming Dynasty, called Yi Kaizhan. Yi Kaizhan was so gifted that he projected it would require 99, bricks to construct the Jiayuguan Pass. Surprisingly, to the delight of the supervisor, one stone remained behind the Xiwong City Gate after the completion of the project.

Ancient Chinese Stories, Fables and Legends told by us

Just as the supervisor was about to make good his threat, Yi Kaizhan proclaimed that a supernatural being placed the brick there to prevent the wall from collapsing. To date, the brick is still on the Jiayuguan Pass tower.

Top 10 Astonishing Ancient Chinese Mythology Stories

This myth is about the construction of the Huanghuacheng Great Wall located sixty kilometers north of downtown Beijing. The wall took many years to finish, and immediately after completion, General Cai Kai, went to the capital to update the emperor of the accomplishment.

Ironically, Emperor Wanli instantly put him to death.

Later on, however, the Emperor discovered he was lied to as the Huanghuaheng Great Wall was not only solid but the best workmanship his eyes had ever seen. Remorsefully, he ordered the building of a tomb and memorial in honor of the General.

Pangu Creating the World

During the wall construction times, soldiers had to stay on guard throughout the year without leaving their duty. Being distant from family members obviously was distressing. So he set on a journey to locate his son who was defending the Northern Territory of the wall. He managed to find his child, and they embraced happily. In their mixed emotion of laughter, joy, grief, and relief, they both collapsed and died on the spot. Those who witnessed the ordeal were not only shocked but surprised. In memory of the loving father and his son, they named fortress where the two met Xifeng Kou, and their burial place, the Xifeng Kou Pass.

This myth holds that there were ten brothers each gifted differently.