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Edgeplay - Wikipedia

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By reading this wiki, the user agrees to hold the authors and staff free from all liability and any and all judgments for injury from this wiki, and for any ill or negative effects its use or effects it may cause. Social taboos for example, age play, scat fetishism, racial slurs and controversial topics like total power exchange , rape and abduction scenes, zoophilia and others are sometimes considered edgeplay.


Some activities, such as ageplay , may be considered quite edgey by some and not at all for others. The definition is entirely subjective, although typically based on some level of what people are used to in the local BDSM culture which can vary greatly from region to region. What constitutes edgeplay varies with the opinions of persons involved and these opinions may change over time.

With often glamorized deaths reported in the media, this form of edgeplay is generally understood by to be especially dangerous. Waterboarding is also a subject that has been examined by the media in recent years, and the act of immobilizing a person and producing a drowning sensation with water or a wet cloth can potentially cause lung damage, brain damage or injury from the subject trying to escape the bondage.

Regressive ageplay is often mistaken for pedophilia, which it is not. This form of play involves adult roleplay with younger personae being adopted, often that of children, and this form of play is not necessarily sexual in nature. You have successfully signed up for your selected newsletter s - please keep an eye on your mailbox, we're movin' in!

Wiseman says, "Most BDSM fatalities occur when two perimeters overlap: being in highly restrictive bondage and being completely alone. He goes on to state that people consensually engage in bondage all the time, safely and with good outcomes, but they do not ever leave their bound partner alone.

Wiseman states, "If person A ties up person B, then person A cannot leave to go to the movies. If you tie them up, then stay with them.

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What Is Edgeplay?

This one soundbite would prevent most BDSM fatalities. Follow us on Twitter! Like us on Facebook!

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